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Chamlar Resort's Guidelines & Rules for Safe Vacation


  • NO SMOKING or OPEN FLAMES (candles, etc.) in Cabins! If you smoke, please smoke outside, use an ashtray & dispose of it properly.

  • You must monitor all campfires and grills at all times until all flames/embers are out


    • Evacuate Cabin Immediately

    • Notify Staff

    • Gather at the end of the driveway for a headcount.


  • Check-in time is 3 pm - 7 pm

  • Upon arrival, please familiarize everyone with the location of your Cabin's Fire Extinguisher (Kitchen) & Emergency Exits.

  • Prior to using Chamlar’s Lakefront, each Head of Household must read & sign New York State Health Department’s required “Beach Safety Regulations” form.

  • Check-out is at 10 am Before leaving, please remove all trash & wash any dirty dishes.


  • Please park No More Than 2 Vehicles per cabin in the Parking Lot. EXCESS VEHICLES, OVERSIZE, LONG VEHICLES & ALL BOAT TRAILERS must be parked on the street.


  • Please be considerate of noise & your neighbors before 8:30 a.m. & after 10 p.m. We have both late sleepers & early risers.

  •  Please keep Chamlar looking good for everyone by bringing all trash, toys, games, chairs & sports equipment back to your cabin at day’s end.

  • Please inform us of any Safety/Repair Issues in your Cabin or on the Property.


  • Please do not move furniture, kitchen items, etc., between cabins. It makes it very hard for us to get ready on time for next week’s guests. THE CLEANING STAFF APPRECIATES YOUR HELP WITH THIS!

  • No pets are allowed.

  • Visitors must have prior approval. TOTAL # OF GUESTS + VISITORS ON PROPERTY NOT TO EXCEED ALLOWED # OF CABIN OCCUPANTS. For example, CABIN #5’S allowed number of cabin occupants is 10. If there are only 8 people occupying the cabin, then you are allowed 2 Guests on the property. All Visitors must check-in at Office & sign required New York State Health Department forms.


  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Swimming is permitted only in the designated, roped off sim areas.

  • There is no diving or jumping from the dock or swim platform.

  • No boats, kayaks, paddleboards, etc. permitted in the swim area.  


  • Beach & Office Hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. There is always someone available at the Main Office during this time.


  • If you will need boating equipment early in the morning, please sign out the night before.

  • Please return borrowed lawn games, activity kits, and other equipment before the office closes.

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